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Mindshare LA holds monthly workshops, salons and movie screenings that gather hundreds of Angelenos for evenings of inspiration and interaction. Our most popular salon-style events include short eclectic presentations, live music and interactive installations. Since 2006, Mindshare has hosted over 150 events and become a mecca for intellectuals, artists, scientists and other forward thinking characters looking for inspiration and connection across this vast city.

Mindshare and its event partners host some of the most unique events in Los Angeles. From scientific pursuit to twisted storytelling stay up to date with the best of these events by subscribing to this calendar.

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Mindshare LA's 2nd Annual Rubik's Human PLAY! Spectacular


Mindshare LA Screening: "Happy" for the International Day of Happiness


Mindshare LA Presents: "Your Primal Instincts" ...on the West Side!


Tuxedo Tyrants Chessboxing



January 24th, 2013: Mindshare LA Presents a Special Screening & Follow Up Q&A: Ai Weiwei: Never SorryThe first feature length documentary on the iconic Chinese contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei. Produced & Directed by Alison Klayman. There will be a short Q&A after the documentaryAn Xiao Mina is an American artist, designer, writer and technologist. In her research and practice, she explores the disruptive power of networked, creative communities in civic life.Robbie Conal is an American guerrilla poster artist noted for his gnarled, grotesque depictions of U.S. political figures of note.Linda Pollack is the creative activist behind My Daily Constitution and L.A.’s Habeas Lounge.Come hungry! The Daily Dose will be serving food. Also, The Downtown Independent now serves a rotating selection of micro-brew draft beers!


December 13th, 2012: Mindshare LA Presents:
“An Apocalyptic Christmas Party”
Amid all of our “First World” problems, it’s important to not become complacent about the systems that we depend on. Access to food. Clean running water. Energy on demand and anti-biotics. If these things disappeared tomorrow, how prepared would you be? Join us for a night of apocalyptic visions: scary, funny and just plain practical.The Social Construction of Time
William Roy, PhD. / Professor at UCLA Department of SociologySurvival in the California Wilderness
Thomas Coyne / Chief Instructor, California Survival TrainingIt’s not the End of the World: What the Ancient Maya tell us about 2012
Mark Van Stone, Ph.D., G.F. / Author & Maya Expert, Professor of Art History, Southwestern CollegeActivities:The College of Lockpicking, Survivial Research Room including CERT reps, G.O. Bag Preparation, Dystopian Photo Booth & Wise Guys Games!

Also, make sure to check out our special “Be Prepared” page!


November 15th, 2012: Mindshare LA and UCLA Present:
“From Whence We Came…”…on the West Side!
We are excited to announce our first WEST SIDE event which will blast off with an exciting collaboration between Mindshare LA and UCLA’s Division of Physical Sciences. The program, led by three UCLA faculty, will explore the early days of Earth from meteors to early oceans, taking the audience through space and time to delve into the very beginnings of life. Join us for another night of enlightened debauchery!From Past to Present, How Rare IS Earth?
Ed Young, Ph.D. / Professor of Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry,  Department of Earth and Space Sciences and Institute of Geophysics and Planetary PhysicsThe Formation of Earth within Space and Time
Abby Kavner Ph.D. / Associate Professor, Dept of Earth and Space SciencesAstrobiology: Origin and Distribution of Life in the Universe
Jean-Luc Margot Ph.D. / Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Space Sciences and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCLAEuropa Satellite & Meteor & Rock Microscope ViewingMusical Acts: Once again we welcome National Looping Champion, SuperTallPaulLong Beach Caravan is back by popular demand. Mohammed Alidu entrances his listeners with music steeped in 1,000+ years of talking drum tradition.


Performance:  Pamela Samuelson is a multimedia performance artist with an especially geeky love for the circus arts.


October 26th 2012: Mindshare LA Presents “Identity” & 5th Annual Masquerade at The Mezz Bar!Mindshare celebrates its 5th annual masquerade! This special event will explore elements that pertain to our identity, from the physical, psychological, technological, ethical, political, spiritual and scientific. Why have masks played such a large role throughout culture? How can we play with our identities for fun… or for profession? What other characters might we harbor inside ourselves? After the talks we’ll launch into an after party with music, art & more!Identity: Minds Behind Masks
Douglas Campbell / Co-Founder & Curator, Mindshare LAThe Grey Area of Identity
Dale A. Kelly / Kelley & Associates InvestigationsLand of the Free? The Power of Group Psychology
David M. Reiss, M.D. / Psychiatrist, DMR Dynamics
Blacklight Room: The Altervision 3D Blacklight Experience is an immersive art installation featuring fluorescent murals that come to life with incredible depth using special glasses.Musical Acts: Insane Masups from DJ ShyBoy and live gypsy jazz from AK &  Her Kalashnikovs


Artists included:  John Park, Armando Rosette, Eric GradmanMatt Elson, Michael Spezialy, We Are MatikConsolidated PixelDan Busby and Crashspace.

And MORE! Recent Loop National Champion SuperTallPaulWise Guys, Julie Roth Facepainting as well as delicious food from Cherie Rae from Peace Yoga Gallery, Floutas from Ensenada Restaurant and a HoopJam with Ashley!


September 13th 2012: “The Art of Burning Man”Every year more than 50k people gather on the vast salt flats in the scorching desert north of Reno, NV for a colorful festival called Burning Man. For one week every year, Black Rock City springs up out of the flat cracked earth to become the 3rd largest city in Nevada. The event attracts all types of characters, united by a joy of radical self-reliance, self-expression and a quest for something different. This event will highlight some of the incredible artwork that the event inspiresThe Big Art of Burning Man
Dan Das Mann/ Artist & Metal SculptorThe Art of Community: The French Quarter
Ari Schindler/ Entrepreneur & Community BuilderThe Other 51 Weeks & The LA Regional Burn
Athena Demos/ Regional Coordinator for Burning Man in Los Angeles.


August 5th 2012: Mindshare LA Summer Sessions: Talks & DIRECT Video Feed: “The Mars Curiosity Lander”We’ll be viewing the direct feed from JPL on a giant screen as the lander negotiates it’s biggest challenge yet: its automated entry, descent and landing phase!To Mars on a Collision Course (Mindshare 50 VIDEO)
Adam Steltzner Ph.D. / Entry, Descent and Landing Lead, Mars Science Laboratory Mission, Jet Propulsion LaboratoryThe Why – and How – of JPL’s Most Advanced Lander Yet
Matt Clausen / Art Director, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryMaking Data Beautiful, Comprehendible… and Useful!
Alexander Smith / Web Developer II, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryPERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS“Mars Rover Landing” allows players to take control of Curiosity’s spacecraft as it streaks through the Red Planet’s atmosphere on a harrowing journey that mission engineers have dubbed “seven minutes of terror.”   flier July 24th 2012: Mindshare LA Summer Sessions Presents: From Higgs to Mars, The Scale of Exploration The God (Damn) Particle: Why should we care?
Kevin Hickerson/ Ph.D.c, Experimental Physics, CaltechAdventure Travel: From Tuxedos to Cross Dressing
Douglas Campbell/ Co-Founder & Curator, Mindshare LAThe Why – and How – of JPL’s Most Advanced Lander Yet
Matt Clausen/ Art Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory   flier June 26th 2012: Mindshare LA Summer Sessions: SMART – Where Science Meets Art Art at the Nanoscale
David Brown/ Ph.D.c, Applied Physics, CalTechA Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Artist
Dennis Callahan/ Ph.D.c, Materials Science, CalTechPERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSScience Illustrations by Corlis Schneider, Sonic Succulents by Adrienne Adar, and the Cannon Camera by Robb Godshaw   flier May 11th – 13th, 2012 in Downtown LAMindshare 50! Join hundreds of influential and cultured Angelenos in the Arts District of downtown as Mindshare LA celebrates its 50th consecutive month of salons! The three day event will feature fascinating speakers, musicians and performers centered around a full day of inspiring talks, entertainment and art as we collectively explore “WHAT COMES NEXT?”for ourselves, our culture and our planet.Full Details here: http://mindshare50.com/   flier April 19th 2012“PLAY!” & Rubik’s Cube Party! Lets PLAY! The Education Revolution
Lucien Vattel/ Founder, GameDesk Too High, Too Fast, Too Fun
Billy Jensen/ VP & GM, BUZZMEDIA Our Immersive Future
Brent Bushnell/ Entrepreneur & Game Developer** With Live Painting by John Park** PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSInteractive projects from CombiForm and Syyn Labs as well as games from Wise Guys and hooping with Ashley! ALSO: Face Painting, Baloon Hats, Finger Painting and GIANT JENGA!   flier March 22nd 2012The Vast BlueDiving to the Bottom of the Ocean (and Getting Back Again)
Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides/ Science & Project Coordinator, Virgin OceanicSo Long And Thanks for All the Fish
Casson Trenor/ Senior Markets Campaigner with Greenpeace USAThe Pursuit of Wave Energy
Brian Moffat/ CEO, Spindrift EnergyHugs and Drugs from Sea Slugs
Patrick J. Krug / Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
California State University, Los Angeles** With Live Painting by John Park** PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSInteractive art work from theBlu & Syyn Labs as well as games from Wise Guys and entertainment from Super Tall Paul (of Helios Jive) and hooping with Ashley!   flier February 19th 2012Relate/ReframeThe Bizarre World of Animal Relations
Andrea Choe/ Postdoctoral Scholar, CaltechSocial Media and You: A Love Story
Alie Ward/ Writer and Drink ConcoctioneerThe Relationship Revolution
Reid Mihalko/ Sex and Relationship Expert** With Live Painting by John Park** PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSInteractive art work from WeAreMatik, Combiform & Syyn Labs as well as games from Wise Guys and entertainment from Super Tall Paul (of Helios Jive)!   flier January 19th 2012The Cosmic FrontierThe Most Advanced Mars Rover Yet…
Adam Steltzner/ Chief Engineer, EDL, Mars Exploration Rovers missionWhen you go to Space..
William Pomerantz/ Vice President, Special Projects at Virgin GalacticBuilding the Future of Space Exploration
Dr. Dmitriy Tseliakhovich/ Co-founder and CTO, Escape Dynamics LLC** With Live Painting by John Park** PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSInteractive Art Work from WeAreMatik, Combiform & Syyn Labs as well as games from Wise Guys and Art Work from Kasey MacMahon and Syyn Labs’ Eric Gradman   flier December 15th 2011“Secrets & Lies” The Largest Scientific Instrument Ever Built
Dr. Tristan Ursell/ Biophysicist, Stanford UniversityCollege of Lockpicking: Pick it like it’s 1899
Jamie Schwettmann & Eric Michaud/ Founders, College of LockpickingHow to Become a Human Lie Detector
Vanessa van Petten/ Curator and Speaker, ScienceOfPeople.org** With Live Painting by MEAR ONE ** PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSLive music from DJ Creepuscular PLUS Games from Wise Guys andInteractive Art Work from WeAreMatik, Crashspace & Syyn Labs   flier November 16th 2011The Power of the Crowd Dana Mauriello/ Co-Founder and President, ProFounderThe Joyful 99: Activating the CrowdFrancis DellaVecchia/ Founder, Cultural Connections LLCMob Mentality: When Good Crowds Go BadKevin Reeve/ Founder and Director, onPoint Tactical Tracking School** With Live Painting by MEAR ONE ** PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSLive music from DJ Charles Fox PLUS Games from Wise Guys andInteractive Art Work from WeAreMatik, Combiform & Syyn Labs   flier October 19th 2011HOST: Jayme Waxman/ M.Ed Human Sexuality Education and AuthorVision + How Cameras Will Shape the Future
Ron Brinkmann/ Technology ConsultantThe Real Application of Permaculture
Larry Santoyo / Founder, EarthFlow Design Works
How To Fly a Motorcycle
Dezso Molnar / Co-founder, CTO, Molnari, Inc.
Investigating the Paranormal
Marcus Lindsey, Clare Benavides, and Jason Gates / Paranormal EXP
Empowering Women Through Erotic Dance
Claire Griffin Sterrett / Founder of The Pole Story, author and teacher
PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSMusic: Boom Boom Boom, the most energy pushed acoustically this side of the Mississippi, Super Tall Paul (of Helios Jive) & Eban Schletter on his home made theremin!Wise Guys returns with a new game.Syyn Labs showcased a variety of current projects and new experiments.   flier September 21st 2011HOST: Douglas Campbell/ Co-Founder & Curator, Mindshare LAAbigail Alling / President Biosphere Foundation & Mark Van Thillo/ Chief Operations OfficerBiosphere 2, from Sea to SpaceLei Liew / Ph.D. candidate, USC, Brain and Creativity InstituteWho’s the Boss? Cross-Cultural Differences in the WorkplaceDaniel Kish/ President, World Access for the BlindEcholocation & Giving Sight to the BlindSandra Daugherty/ Sex Educator & Host of the Sex Nerd Sandra PodcastSex, Spaghetti and Human VariabilityPERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSMusic: Love in the Circus & Super Tall Paul (of Helios Jive)Wise Guys returns with a new game.Syyn Labs and Crash Space LA showcased a variety of current projects and new experiments.ink+cotton provided live T-Shirt screen printing!   flier August 17th 2011GUEST HOST: Jamye Waxman/ M.Ed Human Sexuality Education & AuthorGarrett Lisi/ Theoretical PhysicistThe Beauty of Particle PhysicsAutumn Rooney/ Co-Founder, Echo Park Time BankComplementary Currency & TransactionMatt Brauning/ Author, Master NLP Trainer, and EntrepreneurSpiral Dynamics: The Flexibility of Human NaturePERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSMusic: Lounge-O-Rama & Super Tall Paul (of Helios Jive)Wise Guys returns with a new game.Syyn Labs and Crash Space LA showcased a variety of current projects and new experiments.   flier July 20th 2011GUEST HOST: Jamye Waxman/ M.Ed Human Sexuality Education & AuthorDr. Marvin Belzer/ Associate Director, Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLAAn Experience of Mindfulness Alex Leavitt/ PhD student, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, USC.Social Disruption: How We Complicate Technology Reid Mihalko / Sex and Relationship Expert Date Your Species: Pragmatic Tools for Navigating Love, Lust and IntimacyPERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSMusic: Zane Musa & Super Tall Paul (of Helios Jive)Wise Guys returns with a new game.Syyn Labs showcased a variety of current projects and new experiments.   flier June 22nd 2011GUEST HOST: Jamye Waxman/ M.Ed Human Sexuality Education & AuthorDr. Sean Carrol/ Senior Research Associate in Physics, CalTechFrom the Kitchen to the MultiverseJeff Potter/ Author of Cooking for GeeksWho Knew Science Could Be So Delicious?Emily Levine/ Comedienne Philosopher Paradigm Paralysis: America’s Problem – and How to Fix ItCharu/ Founder, Embody TantraTantra: Beyond Sex… Liberation & Mindfulness in Every Day LifePERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSMusic: Boom Boom Boom & Super Tall Paul (of Helios Jive)And as a special treat, Wise Guys will be in the house, with their game Twistianapolis 500.Syyn Labs showcased a variety of current projects and new experiments.   flier May 18th 2011GUEST HOST: Jamye Waxman/ M.Ed Human Sexuality Education & AuthorOded Aharonson/ Professor of Planetary Science, CalTechUnveiling Titan: A World Strange and FamiliarAlan Horsager/ Neuroscientist at USC Keck School of MedicineBlindness & SightDan O’Shannon/ TV Producer, Cheers, Frasier, Modern FamilyJust What the Hell Are You All Laughing At? The Science of ComedyMarty Barrett(AKA Gram Ponante) / Veteran Porn JournalistOh The Things You Didn’t Know About Porn Valley!PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSMusic: The Shoestring TrioSuper Tall Paul (of Helios Jive)And as a special treat, Wise Guys will be in the house, conducting a social game called “Prize Ribbons”Combiform is a game platform that involves four wedge-shaped controllers that can be played separately or ?stuck? together for cooperative play. Dr. Nuclear will be setting up his interactive whiteboard. Dance Pad is a dance game for the iPad that turns your fingers into legs. AND David Guttman (Syyn Labs) will be showing his newest installation “TwitterChimes” in the auditorium. See some of his other projects here.   flier April 20th 2011Kurt Othmer / President, EEG Info
Train Your Brain: From Electrodes to InsightsJulia Bossmann / Research Assistant and Masters Student (Cand. Psych.), Institut für Experimentelle Psychologie, Dept. of Biological Psychology, University of Düsseldorf, Germany
The Smell of Fear. How our Emotions Affect our Body OdorKurt Daradics / Co-Founder, CitySourced
The Wild West of Civic EngagementKestrin Pantera, Scott Watson & Jonathan Grubb / Mobile Karaoke Superstars!
4 Wheels, 1 Mic and You: RVIP LoungePaige Nesbitt /  Blogger, Martini Rescue Squad
The Dos and Don?ts Of Dating ProfilesPERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSThe all acoustic Gonzalo Bergara Quartet & singer Holland Greco & Super Tall Paulwill be bringing his headphone lounge!ART: Explore the work of kinetic sculptor Karl Lautman, including his acclaimed circle of falling dominos: Ouroborus. As well as DancePad and Inneract in the Tech Demo Lounge!   flier March 17th 2011Alex Lightman / Author, Entrepreneur, and Futurist @lxlightman
The Sea Shepherds: Defending Ocean Wildlife WorldwideMaja D’Aoust / The White Witch of LA
Leprechauns, Fairies and Mythology’s Role in CultureVictoria Campbell / Wild Animal Rescuer & Rehabilitator @wildthingsny
Wild Things Sanctuary: Passion, Perversion and Opossums
PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSBootie LA‘s DJ Shy Boy (www.shyboymashups.com) played some crazy fresh mashups!INTERACTIVE: Syyner David Guttman ‘s audio reactive graphics.flier February 17th 2011Tamara Knutsen / PhD Candidate, Computation and Neural Systems Department, Caltech.
How Sex, the Red Queen and Parasites Control the World  Emilie Baltz / Creative Consultant and Founder, Fork and Design
Sensual Foods: Aphrodesia and the 6th Sense  


Jamye Waxman / M.Ed Human Sexuality Education & Author of “Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation.” 
A Brief History of Masturbation  


Live Jazz from OmKneeBus as well as an interstitial performance by Benny Parkes, soulful guitarist.

INTERACTIVE: Syyners Eric Gradman, Brent Bushnell, David Guttman and Quin Cabalquinto display work!   flier January 20th 2011Moran Cerf / Neuroscientist at Caltech, UCLA’s Department of Neurosurgery, and NYU
The Illusion of Free Will

Steve Duncan / Urban Historian & Photographer & PhD Candidate in History, UC Riverside
Finding History in Sewers: Urban Explorations around the world

Ian Ingram / Lamettrian Geppettoist
Worms in Space and Woodpecker Sexbots

PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSA Return Performance by Benny Parkes, soulful guitarist.INTERACTIVE: Syyners Eric Gradman and Brent Bushnell display work!   flier December 16th 2010Professor Philip Lukeman / Cal Poly Pomona, Chemistry Department
Get Your Nano-Wood ON, Baby!

Steve Glenn / CEO, LivingHomes
High design; low impact.  Creating LivingHomes.

An Xiao Mina / Artist, Designer; Columnist, Art21
Art Under the Influence… of Social Media

PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSA Return Performance by Eban Schletteron the Theremin!INTERACTIVE:  Jonathan Toomim will be showcasing his mood visualizer as well as work from Syyners Pehr Hovey, Eric Gradman and Brent Bushnell.    flier November 19th 2010John Bates / Consultant, MindArk
Creating the Metaverse: A World within our WorldSyuzi Pakhchyan / Experience Designer
Code, Cloth + Culture: Imagining Tomorrow’s Wardrobe David de Rothschild / Adventurer and Environmentalist, Adventure Ecology
Tackling Nature Defiancy Through Adventure
PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSPLUS: A Special Performance by Eban Schletter and his Theremin / Vibraphone Duo! INTERACTIVE: Interactive installations including Syyn Labs Game Table    flier October 21st 2010Nathan Makino / CEO, ImTech
The Magical World of Immersive TechnologyAli Vanderveld / Postdoctoral Fellow at the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago
Seeing Dark MatterMaryam Henein / Writer & Filmmaker
Vanishing of the BeesSeamus McKeon / Wiccan High Priest & Bacon Enthusiast
10 Minute Wicca
PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSINTERACTIVE: Imtech will be leaving their 15+ installations AND immersive dome up for our enjoyment! The list & videos of exhibitors can be seen here…    flier September 17th 2010Mike Dooley/ VP of Product & Marketing Development, Evolution RoboticsAlicia Danforth/ Ph.D. candidate & Research Associate, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Los Angeles Biomedical Research InstituteAzhar Hussain/ Founder, TTXGPAndrew Macgregor/ Founder, Tiziano ProjectBarry Martin / LA Outback &  LIVE DEMO by Debra WilsonPERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSMUSIC: Boom Boom Boom Band
INTERACTIVE: Installations include: Syyn Labs (Punching Bob by Dick Whitney, Projections by Pehr Hovey and Adam Croston & the Virsix GameTable), BioRyhthm and interactive video techniques from Escomo.
DISCUSSION TABLES:after program there will be breakout discussionsBeautiful video work from Scott Pagano of neither-field.   flier August 19th 2010Paul J. Zak / Director, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, Claremont Graduate
The Moral Molecule: Love and Connection in the Age of the InternetTaylor Krauss / Founder, Voices of Rwanda
On the Limits and Possibilities of Oral HistoryMicki Krimmel / Founder & CEO, NeighborGoods.net
How to Save Money, Live More Sustainably, and Stick it to the Man Through
Sharing.Jason Eugene Boardé / Executive Director, Edible & Urban Garden Guru
The Pedal Patch CommunityGreg Ptacek/ Festival Co-Director of Downtown Film Festival L.AEthan Nicholle / Illustrator, Axe Cop
INTERACTIVE: Installations include: the BioRhythm project. Pehr Hovey, Dick
Whitney and Brent Bushnell will also be showing projects.
DISCUSSION TABLES: after program there will be breakout discussions   flier JULY 15th 2010Frances Arnold, a Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry at CalTech, is taking Darwinism into the future by researching and designing evolution algorithms to fuel a process of ?directed evolution.? Arnold will speak about Molecular Sex and How to Construct Things You Don?t Understand. Eduardo Caccia, is a self described “Any Possibility Officer” at Mindcode, a company he founded with the objective to maximize brand value for clients by revealing an innate, profound understanding of their markets. Caccia will be discussing The Cultural Code as source of innovationHear Me, a non-profit organization aiming to create an international online network where orphans and other marginalized children can collaborate to create music ? gaining friends and creative skills in the process.Mileece is a sonic artist who uses bio-emissions from plants to create dynamic soundscapes through a unique process called aesthetic sonification (replaying data through sound waves). July?s Mindsharians can witness aesthetic sonification in action with musical plants from Mileece?s recent installation ?Soniferous Eden? at the See Line Gallery in West Hollywood.Nina Hartley (NSFW) is the feminist author of ?Nina Hartley?s Guide to Total Sex? and one of the most recognizable adult film stars of the past three decades. Hartley will discuss the sex-positive feminist idea of sexual freedom as a key component of female freedom and equality.

PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSSci-Tech Academy Award winner J-Walt will perform ?Spontaneous Fantasia,? an animation technique utilizing CG technology to bring still imagery to life.Other musical performances by Boom Boom Boom and a chill lounge (or crunked out dance-fest) with the underground Dr. Rx and DJ Sugarpill.

ALSO, Jamye Waxman will be offering a sex advice booth after the talks together with nina Hartley!

   flier JUNE 17th 2010Bhagwan Chowdhry / Founder, FABcampaign
Giving Children Financial Access at Birth
Brian Selzer / Founder, Ogmento
Augmented Reality: The Purple Pill
Stuart Gibbs / Author & Screenwriter
Hippo Dung Showering and Other Wild DelightsChef Spencer Walker / Blogger and Author, Cook to Bang
Recipes to Get You Laid PERFORMANCES, VIDEOS & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSBob Reynoldsand his Jazz troupe will be playing as people arrive.MegaRan- the original nerdcore rapper – will be performing some his futuristic tunes and his DJ will rock the crowd after the performances.Sketch Theaterwill be showing some of their excellent videos.There will be a musical instrument that requires no actual contact, a couple of new brain activated projects and an SMS voting system that that askes such important questions as “Who would win in a fight between a lion and a bear?“   flier MAY 20th 2010Bob Lancaster / Intellectual Property Attorney, Bryan Cave LLP
A Few “Great” Ideas Your Government Bought for YouJake Meyer/ LA Ballet & New Wave LA

Kasey McMahon / Conceptual & Multimedia Artist
Finding Beauty: Pattern Recognition, Perception and Visual Culture

Floris Van Breugel / Award-Winning Photographer & Graduate Student, Caltech
Encounters with Ents: Seeing Suffering and Love in Nature’s Inanimate Creatures

BRAND X PRESENTS: Rudy Coby / ‘The Coolest Magician on Earth’ 
The Art of Illusions (and being Marilyn Manson’s Roommate)
In addition there will be performances by:

Boom Boom Boom / KID KAMELEON [Surya Dub, XLR8R, SF] / TINKER [False Profit, SF]

…and interactive work:

The international debut of ShareSquare QR technology and D-dubSoftware announces their next ‘Adult’ Videogame   flier APRIL 15th 2010

Brand X presents: Richard Metzger

The Infinite Mind of Artist Paul Laffoley

Gerard Minakawa / Founder, Bamboo DNA
Building with Bamboo, A World Changing MaterialTiffany Persons /  International Activist & Founder
Shine on Sierra Leone

Rebecca Ninburg / AKA “Demolicious”, Founder, LA Derby Dolls
How to Keep SoCal Rolling

Benjamin Bidlack / Engagement Director, Innovation Protocol

 The Heros Journey in Everyday Life

Douglas Campbell, Co-Founder of Mindshare LA & Syyn Labs
Volcanoes, Earthquakes and the Driest Desert in the World

Performances: Boom Boom Boom and DJ Kevin Greene    flier MARCH 18th 2010Matthew J. Smith / Harvard Law School
Negotiation & Mediation AfterhoursWil Carson / Senior Project Designer, Michael Maltzan Architecture
New Questions for a New CityDustin Feider
Tree house designWilliam PomerantzSenior Director, Space Prizes | X PRIZE Foundation
The Open Government Directive
David Orban / Founder, Chief Evangelist, WideTag, Inc. & Advisor, Singularity University
The Internet of ThingsDJ: Joanna Gikas of IO Echo   flier FEBRUARY 18th 2010Gabriela Garcia Medina / Spoken Word Artist & Award Winning Poet
Love, Romance, & SexJan Chipchase/ Design Strategist and User Experience Researcher – “Love”Moran Cerf / Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Computational Neuroscience, Caltech
On-Line, Voluntary Control of Single Neurons by Human ThoughtJesse Genet / Founder, Lumi Co.
Love Affairs with the Printed ImageCerraeh Laykin / Photographer
Aphrodisia! – Exploring the Sexy Side of FoodJason Porath / DreamWorks Animation
Microsoft Office Romance   flier JANUARY 21st 2010Jim Bell / Cornell Astronomy Professor & President of the Planetary Society
Mars Exploration Rover: Postcards from MarsSasha Strauss / founder of Innovation Protocol & prof. in USC’s school of communications
Social Cachet and the Perils of Celebrity EndorsementTino Schaedler
The Flexibility of RealityWe also showcased the talents of:Gabriela Garcia Medina/ Spoken Word Artist & Award Winning PoetBen Morrison/ Humorist   December 2009 Flier DECEMBER 17th 2009Dan Busby / Physicist and Freelance Tinkerer
Electric Cars: 19th Century Technology Today!Jamie Zigelbaum / Oblong Industries
Digital Dactyls (Post-Interface Prosthetics)Vanessa Van Petten / Youthologist & CEO Radical Teenagers, Inc
Virtual Dating, Friends and Sex: How .Com is Changing Next Generation’s RelationshipsDoug Campbell / Founder, Mindshare.LA
Santa Flash Mobs and Other Bizarre Christmas TraditionsALSO, Tim Nordwind, Bassist for the band OK Go, will be DJ?ing!You can see the content here…   November 2009 Flier NOVEMBER 18th 2009Alex Lightman / Executive Director of Humanity Plus
The Ten Minute TranshumanistTodd Huffman / Freelance Technologist
The Frontlines of Geek ImperialismAlexandra Hall / CEO, Airship Ventures
Zeppelin Tourism Takes OffDr. Tristan Ursell / Adventurer & Biophysicist, Stanford
Off Silk Roadin’: A Rally Across Eurasia!You can see the content here…      October 2009 Flier OCTOBER 15th 2009Mark Milian / Technology Writer, Los Angeles Times
How Google Wave Could Change The Way We Work
Justine Limpus Parish / Fashion Illustrator, Art Director, Designer, Educator and Published Author
My Life in Fashion & Costume…in 10 Minutes
Brett Levine / President, LiveSpark, Inc.
New Technology as the Medium
Max Baptist / Founder & CEO, D-Dub Software
Entrepreneurship with as Much Balls as TalentYou can see the content here…   September 2009 Flier SEPTEMBER 17th 2009Steen Strand / COO & VP Design, ICON Aircraft
The Next Powersport
Julie Lacouture / Director West Region, DonorsChoose.org
Connecting you to Classrooms in Need
Bob Krone / Ph.D., Colonel, USAF (Ret), USC emeritus Professor, ASQ Fellow Member
Provost, Kepler Space University
The Future of Humans in Space
Chris Lindstrom / Expert, Complementary Currencies and New Economics
Why We Create Complimentary Currencies
Greg Ferenstein / Psychology Researcher, UCI
The Neo-Conservative Mind: They’re not Evil, They’re Paranoid
Charu / Founder, Embody Tantra
Tantra: Exploring the Realms of Sexual FulfillmentMatt Davis and Pete Sistrom also showcased their new music visualizer: “Name the Machine” and work from sculptor Ben Parkes was on the patio.You can see the content here…   August 2009 Flier AUGUST 20th 2009Dr. John La Puma / Practicing Internist and Author, ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine
A Food Lover’s Road Map to Achieving Optimal Health
Michael Woods / Advanced Technology Consultant, Undisclosed Employer
The Artisan Future: Why Moore’s Law is Bringing Back the Middle Ages
Andrea Montes / Senior Product Designer, Uncle Milton Industries
Beta Waves & The Force Trainer
Mike Simonian and Maaike Evers/ Founders, Mike and Maaike Design Studio
The End of Driving
Agent A / Ringmaster, GuerilLA (LA’s version of Improv Everywhere)
The World is Our Stage
Lara Terstenjak / Head or LA, Go Topless Organization
Women’s Right to Go Toplessuot;>You can see the content here…   July 2009 Flier JULY 16th 2009Marc Barasch / Author & CEO, the Green World Campaign
Green Compassion
Eileen Luders / Post Doctoral Neurology Researcher, UCLA
How to Build a Bigger Brain
Paul Carey / Pres, Marketing Specialists, Inc.
Stereographics 101: You CAN Try This in the Home
Rob Spruijt / Artist & Neurologist, Art Center
Where Dreams and Movies Intersect
Tyler Emmett / Cinematographer, 180 South
Conquering the Useless: the Journey to Make 180 SouthAnd of course, there will be some interactive installations on display from the great brains from Mindshare Labs!You can see the content here…   June 2009 Flier JUNE 18th 2009Jessica Jackley / Founder, KIVA
Microloans to Change the World
Geoffrey Sommer / Aviator & Risk Analyst
Keeping Calm When The Killer Comet Cometh
Ariel Blumenthal / Composer, Founder Sentient Music for Media
Music Environment as a Design Element
Dr. Alex Benzer / Author, Tao of Dating for Women, Tao of Dating For Men
Why Do Smart People Have a Difficult Time Dating?
Jason Porath / DreamWorks Animation
A Short History of Hollywood’s Genitalia CoverupsAnd of course, there will be some interactive installations on display from the great brains from Mindshare Labs!You can see the content here…   May 2009 Flier MAY 21st 2009William Pomerantz / Senior Director of Space Projects, The X PRIZE Foundation
Winning Our Way to the Moon
Heather Knight / Roboticist, MIT Media Lab
Social Robotics – Exploring the Human-Robot Relationships
David de Rothschild / Founder, Adventure Ecology
The Plastiki – Rethinking Plastic as a Resource!
Daniel Yoder / Hacker, Zeraweb Labs
Flash Fundraising for The Abruzzo Earthquake
Unnamed Military Source / US Air Force
Apocalypse Survival (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Breakdown of Society)
Evonne Heyning & Matt Davis / Lightning Temple Artists
INTERACTIVATION: Collaborative Visions of Human EvolutionAfter the talks, VJ Strangeloop will be showcasing some crazy visuals to the tunes of DJ Dirty Dave and installations on display from the great brains from Mindshare Labs!You can see the content here…   Arpil 2009 Flier APRIL 16th 2009Ravi Rao / President, Rao Leadership
Herd Neuroadvantage: How Humans Bind Together for Success
Justin Natoli / Lawyer, Bingham McCutchen
Your Personality Is A Drag: Using Drag Queens to Explore the Fluidity of Personality
Professor JoAnn Kuchera-Morin / Director, AlloSphere Research Facility
Exploring the Intersection of Arts and Sciences
Adrian Salamunovic / Co-Founder, DNA11
Your DNA as Artwork on Canvas
Erik Tait / Delightfully Dark Comedy Magic
The Castle Act: Fun with PasteboardsYou can see the content here…   March 2009 Flier MARCH 19th 2009Neville Page / Character Designer (Watchmen, Star Trek, Cloverfield)
Designing Alien Genitalia
Jose Caballer / CEO and Executive Creative Director, The Groop
Rebranding the Republican Party: Bringing ?Cool? to the Right Wing
Lindsey Richardson / Marketing Specialist, S Factor
Fitness through Poledancing
David Markoff / World Renowned ?Memory Man?
Hacking Your Memory: Unleashing Memory Reserves in Daily Life
Gregory Ferenstein / Organizational Psychology Researcher, UCI
Decentralizing Organization: From Economics to CapoeiraThanks also to the fantastic talents of Bob Reynoldsand his jazz duo!You can see the content here…   February 2009 Flier FEBRUARY 19th 2009Jason Jacobs / Director of PR, Los Angeles Zoo
Mating in Public and Other Social Peculiarities
Sena Koleva / Psychology Scholar, UC Irvine
Laws of Attraction
Patrick Randolph / PhD Candidate, Gender Sexuality, UC Riverside
Return of the ‘Bromance’: Victorian intimacy in the 21st Century
Moran Cerf / PhD Candidate, Computational Neuroscience, Caltech
Visual Consciousness and Emotional Attention
David Wexler / VJ StrangeLoop
The Reach for Shamanic MediaThere will be some beautiful light sculptures from Sean Sobczak of Sandman Creations. And of course there will be a number of installations on display from the great brains from Mindshare Labs!You can see the content here…   January 2009 Flier JANUARY 15th 2009Christof Koch / Koch Laboratory, Caltech
Machine Consciousness from a Biological Perspective
Dave Muyres / VP Educational Initiatives, Art Center
A Vision into the Future of Transportation
Nick Baggarly / Fellow, the Royal Geographical Society
Drive Around the World & The Zero South Expedition
Roz Savage
/ Eco-Adventurer
First Women to Row Solo Across the Atlantic
Jenny Jen Star / Activist, Miss August
Pinups for Pitbulls
Erik Reckase / Fractal Artist & Software Engineer, Spotworks
Creating Dreams in Hi FidelityThere will also be an energized and exotic performance from the girls of Leela Bellydancing! And of course there will be a number of installations on display from the great brains from Mindshare Labs!You can see the content here…   December 2008 Flier DECEMBER 18th 2008Douglas Campbell / Freshmaker, Mindshare
The Physics of Santa Claus
M. A. Greenstein / Chief Brainiac, BodiesInSpace.com
Best Practices in NeuroLeadership
Eric Gradman & Brent Bushnell / Digital Pranksters, Mindshare Labs
Creating the ArtFall Installation
Kjerstin ‘KJ’ Williams, Ph.D. / Jazz Singer & Robot Diva, Applied Minds
Swarm Intelligence: From Bugs to Robots
Errol Gerson
/ Consultant, Professor, Humanist
What 40 Years of Teaching Has Taught Me!
Tony di Zinno
/ Photographer & Producer
Photojournalism in Afghanistan
Adam Mefford / Co-Founder, Mindshare
Mindshare 2008 Wrap UpThere will be games on display from uWink interactive restaurant, the ArtFall installation from Eric Gradman and Brent BushnellYou can see the content here…   November 2008 Flier NOVEMBER 20th 2008Dr. Amir Give’on / Technical Staff, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Terrestrial Planet Finder: NASA’s Search for Earth-like Planets
Michael Berman / Independent Technology Consultant
3D Printing: The Virtual Made Real
Andrea Choe / Biology Grad Student, Caltech
Risky Defecation, Useful Cannibalism and other Animal Oddities
Shama Helena / Life, Love and Sex Coach and Media Hostess
Tantra – Ancient Secrets of Sexual Energy Activation
Aaron Krinsky / Producer, VisionLogic
Going Viral: Remixing Michael Jackson’s ThrillerThere will be games on display from uWink interactive restaurant and ‘acoustic painting’ visualizations from David Guttman.We are also pleased to announce that we’ll have a live Jazz duo, including the saxophone talents of Bob Reynolds, and as usual, our resident DJ’s Android Cartel will be offering up some ambient and energizing tunes. You can see the pictures here…   October 2008 Flier OCTOBER 16th 2008William Kohnen / CEO, SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation
Submersibles in the 21st Century
Eric Gradman / Roboticist, Applied Minds & Circus Monkey, Cirque Berzerk
The Perils of Robotics!
Brent Bushnell / The Big Cheese, uWink Restaurant
Playing with your Food
Lynn Langit / Ringleader, SmartCare/Zambia
Sharing Brains and Saving Lives
Will Watkins / The Creator, FreakFurz
Creating a Species of Hedonistic SodomitesThe FINALE was a surprise sppearance from Cirque Berzerk: trippy marionettes, fire eating, juggling and more! ! As usual, our resident DJ’s, Android Cartelwill be offering up the freshest ambient tunes.You can see the pictures and video here…   September 2008 Flier SEPTEMBER 18th 2008John Marlow / Writer, journalist, futurist.
Visions on the Nano Scale
Android Cartel & Harb Sidhu / DJ’s & Tabla
The Chinese Opening Ceremony Improv Performance
Chris Jacobs / Creative Director, United Future
Growing the Vertical Farm
Dr. Ali Binazir / Chief Evangelist, Elite Communications LLC
Hypnosis – For Fun AND Profit!
Doug Campbell / Experience Junkie, Freshmaker
A Tale from Black Rock City, NV Proton Radio will also be showcasing the music of Android Cartel and Joy Song, the Cellist of the Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin, will return for another warm up before the Strada Trio‘s appearance next week at Zipper Hall.You can see the pictures and video here…   August 2008 Flier AUGUST 21st 2008BRAINOLOGIES: NEURO, PSYCHO AND COGNO VISIONS
Tristan Ursell / Biophysicist, Caltech
In Your Eye’s Mind
John Pyles / Cognitive Neuroscientist, UC Irvine
Reality: It’s All In Your Head
Travis Savo / Evil Genius (and CTO, Neogence)
Damn Your Eyes: Hacking Your Vision With Augmented Reality
Chris Hughes / Mathematician and Hardware Hacker
Neuro-Feedback: The Future of Gaming?THE POTENTIALITY OF BICYCLES
Adrian Van Anz / Founder and Designer, Derringer Cycles
Resurrecting the Historic Motorcyle
Andrea White / Executive Director, BikeStation
Making Clean Transportation A Reality
Rudy Roy / Founder, Intelligent Mobility International (IMI)
2 Bikes Can Change a Life
John Canning / Executive Producer, Green Living Project
Its all about the coffee and the bikeWith a special appearance by the Android Cartel of Proton Radio and a special appearance from the Cellist of the Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin, Joy Song.You can see the pictures here…You can see the videos here…   July 2008 Flier JULY 17th 2008John Smart / Futurist & Founder, Acceleration Studies Foundation
AI and IA: The Singularity, the Valuecosm, and the Digital Twin
Chuck Esterbrook / Developer & Creator, Cobra Language
Immortality or Bust! Age Reversal in Your Lifetime
Scott Pagano / Creative Director, Equilibrium Entertainment.
Constructive Interference: Where Image and Sound Collide
Sissy St. John / Wellness Yogini
Navigating the Whirlwinds of Life
Sena Koleva / Psychology Grad Student: UC Irvine
The Chemistry of LoveWith a special appearance by the Android Cartel of Proton RadioTech experiments on display around the space by Chris Hughes and Chris Nelson.You can see the pictures here…   June 2008 Flier JUNE 19th 2008Genya Frankel / Bio-Physicist, CalTech
~ Benjamin Franklin Stilled the Waves
Gully Burns / Neuroinformatics Research Scientist, USC / ISI
~ Ars Veritatis: The Art of Truth
Anna Agapiou / Designer, The Groop
~ Branding the Live Earth global concert series
Adam Mefford / Co-founder, Mindshare
~ Axis and the Future of Mobility at Art Center
Satine Phoenix / Fetish Model, Adult Film Star, & Artist
~ Sex: Video vs. RealityWith a special appearance by the Android Cartel of Proton RadioLaser Graffiti on display around the space by Chris Hughes and Chris Nelson.You can see the pictures here…   May 2008 Flier MAY 22nd 2008Jeanette Paredes / Photographer & Philanthropist
Alex Farley / Neuroscientist
Tony Di Zinno / Professor & Producer
Joel Juarez/FilmmakerIn addition to our fine line up of speakers we also had short intros from people involved with Mindshare, our SMS wiffiti boardwas once again a running commentary for the night and a summery fresh shmorgasboard of fresh fruits…And special video projections by Tiff GrahamYou can see the pictures here…   April 2008 Flier APRIL 30th 2008Jenka Gurfinkel / The Do Lab: Creating Culture.
Josh Berka / The Heart Speaks: Coherence, Light and Resonance.
Doug Campbell / Northern Vietnam Tribe Hopping – In a Tuxedo.
Carlo Quinonez / LuzLab: Illuminating the X-Prize.
Amely Greeven/ Vedic Meditation and The Art of Conscious Living.And a Special Appearance by Multi-Talented Musician TLarkWe has an unbelievable April Mindshare! Our Mixologist created a fully custom bar and the full Thai catering was delicious. Our tech team had experiments through the LED lit spot (thanks LuzLab!). the speakers were engaging and Tlark sang us into party mode!You can see the pictures here…   March 2008 Flier MARCH 27th 2008Travis Savo: The Skynet Syndrome: How I Taught My Computer To Think For Itself
Mike Nowak: Mind Your Carbon Manners, Dear!
Chris Hughes: HCI: Making Your Computer Your Bitch
Caitlyn Carradine: Dancing with Paints
Michael Lambie: Neuro-Research and The Future of Content
Tony DI Zinno: Adventure Raising in BorneoAnd an appearance by UK Musician Freddie Stevenson We had a great relaunch! The Wiffiti Message Boardwas a big hit with people sending it SMSes from their cell phones throughout the night. The name badge game was a success – congratulations to the raffle winners! The talks were diverse and inspiring and the elixers were delicious – THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED!You can see the pictures here…