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Well surprise, surprise… we survived the solstice! For your viewing enjoyment, here are a couple of videos from last week’s event. First, Mark Van Stone dispells some of the Mayan myths. And then survival instructor Thomas Coyne gives us some tips on being prepared. You know, just in case.

– Happy Holidays to all from The Mindshare Team!

PS: For more ways to be prepared, (as well as how to build your own G.O. Bag) check out our disaster preparedness page: http://mindshare.la/be-prepared


It’s not the End of the World: A Mayan Message about 2012

Mark Van Stone, Ph.D., G.F. / Author & Maya Expert, Professor of Art History, Southwestern College

Culled from his book, 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, inspired by Maya inscriptions, astronomical knowledge, math, and myth, and“Reading the Maya Glyphs”. Responding to the upsurge in interest in “the Maya prophecies”, Dr. Mark Van Stone will explain his research during  the last several years researching what the Ancient Maya actually said about 2012.

Mark Van Stone is a Maya expert specializing in Maya Hieroglyphs and calligraphy. Along with his current unique expertise, Van Stone’s knowledge base and work history is an intellectual treasure-trove of curio. To wit: is Dr. Van Stone received his undergraduate degree in Physics and worked in the gamma-ray astronomy laboratory at the University of New Hampshire, until lured away to self-employment as a calligrapher and carver. In the world of calligraphy and type design, he established himself as an expert in paleography and the evolution of written forms.


Unveiling the Wild: The Science of Survival

Thomas Coyne / Chief Instructor, California Survival Training

Whatever actually went down, you realize the water and electricity are not coming back on. It’s time to hit the road and begin relying on yourself. Do you know a way out of the chaos? Do you know how to find clean water? Do you know what plants are edible? Do you remember you training? Or are you like the majority: completely unprepared?

Thomas is the modern founder of Survival Training School of California. He has worked in the outdoors in all four seasons and diverse weather conditions his entire life. From 2001-2008 Thomas served as a highly specialized Wildland Firefighter- often in leadership positions- for both the United States Forest Service as well as Kern County Fire Department. He has been trained in; swift water rescue, ropes rescue, confined space rescue, helicopter hoist rescue, emergency medical technology, HAZMAT response and DECON, escaping crashed aircraft in bodies of water, watershed management, fisheries biology, forestry, and more. 


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Thanks to all those who joined us for such a fun event to end the year (world?). As promised, here’s an action packed update with photos, follow up links, special offers and more! And to whoever put the porno DVDs in the Secret Santa: you’re definitely on Santa’s Naughty List!

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Links from our Speakers

> William Roy: Some of the themes addressed at Mindshare are elaborated in my book Making Societies:  The Historical Construction of Our World.
> Thomas Coyne: Would you like to take part in a Survival workshop with Thomas? Make sure to indicate this on the event feedback form!
> Mark Van Stone: Want to learn more about Mayan Culture & Prophecy? Download his interactive book!

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Tim Edwards: Check out our “Be Prepared” page! Want to buy a poster? Email us and we’ll put you in touch with Tim.
Chris Nevil / CERT: Learn more about becoming part of CERT: The Community Emergency Response Team and indicate if you’d like Mindshare to lead a follow up event on our event feedback form.
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