Over 150 Unique Events in LA Since 2006

Mindshare LA holds monthly workshops, salons and movie screenings that gather hundreds of Angelenos for evenings of inspiration and interaction. Our most popular salon-style events include short eclectic presentations, live music and interactive installations. Since 2006, Mindshare has hosted over 150 events and become a mecca for intellectuals, artists, scientists and other forward thinking characters looking for inspiration and connection across this vast city.

Mindshare and its event partners host some of the most unique events in Los Angeles. From scientific pursuit to twisted storytelling stay up to date with the best of these events by subscribing to this calendar.

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Art, Technology & Entrepreneurship: Mindshare finds a permanent new home at Cross Campus

Cross Campus, which has emerged as a prominent player in the Los Angeles shared workspace arena, has officially hired Mindshare LA Founder Dougie Campbell (2nd to the President’s left) as its full time “Experience Director”. As part of his role, Dougie will continue to host events across a growing network of Cross Campus locations as well as spearheading the launch of its brand new campus in Old Pasadena slated to open later this month.

And it’s a fortuitous partnership. Since 2006, Mindshare LA has become a mecca for intellectuals, artists, scientists and other forward thinking characters who are looking for inspiration and connection across this vast city. Meanwhile, Cross Campus was founded in 2012 with a goal of reinventing the workplace which it achieves by building technology-equipped locations that are designed to inspire, connect and empower its diverse roster of members.

Even President Barack Obama, pictured above when he visited Cross Campus back in October, sees the huge impact of what Cross Campus is building when he addressed a packed crowd of bright eyed creative professionals:

“When I come to places like this, it inspires me and reminds me of why I am chronically optimistic about the future of America.

And we can’t help but feel the same way. After years of bouncing between locations Mindshare LA has now been given a homebase, a place to grow and to do what we do best: hosting unique events and connecting energized people.

We are currently working on our 2015 calendar of events so stay tuned!


Cross Campus: Reinventing the Workplace

Cross Campus is a membership-based, collaborative work environment and business event venue.

“Our vision is to redefine the concept of ‘office’ by making it more inspiring, productive, and socially connected. We do this through great space design, frictionless provision of workspace and services, and market-leading event programming.”

With thirty five thousand square feet between our locations in Santa Monica and Pasadena, Cross Campus serves a large and diverse segment of So Cal’s creative, startup and technology communities. Founded in 2012 in Santa Monica, Cross Campus is expanding aggressively throughout Southern California.


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